Is Anyone taking Requests? I have one for a Daesung Scenario, Anyone?
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Every Fanfict or Scenario its Just Jiyong, Jiyong, Jiyong, Jiyong, GD, Jiyong, Jiyong, GD, Jiyong, Jiyong, Jiyong, Jiyong, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Jiyong, Jiyong, Jiyong, GD, Jiyong, Jiyong …

Why Can’t they Be about Daesung?? I Know they are some scenarios about him But ive literally read them All… There is Not Enough of Dae Scenarios, Or is it that i can’t get enough of Him? No, well Yes, BUT Seriously Every scenario that comes out is about Jiyong u_u Sorry, I Just had to get this off my Chest. I Mean I Just Want more Daesung Scenarios is that so Bad??

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iPod Shuffle Challenge [Drabbles]

Im going to Try this out. I dont write scenarios, so yea it just seems Fun. Every scenario Is Daesung, Ecxept one witch is Seungri. at that would be #6 So ENJOY!!~~~

The rules are

  •     Pick any character, fandom, or pairing you like
  •     Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle
  •     Write a fic related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble. You start when the song starts, and stop when it’s over. No lingering afterwards!
  •     Do ten of these and post them.

1. Hello to Myself - Dream High2 OST

(Were are you? Daesung)


"Ive been waiting for you, Were are you?"

"Im sorry, YG is Keeping us here for one more week for promotions. Jagy, Bian. I Love you Ill talk to you later i have to go"

I Hung up the phone “I Love you too”

A tear rolling down my cheek. I wish I could talk to him more ask him how he was, was he eating well??

I know he has to be there I understand but Ive been feeling so Lonely Lately, I dont know what to do.

My parents Passed away 1 month ago, and I Need Him. Im all By Myself. “Oppa I Miss you so Much, I need you”

2. Get Out - JYJ

(When You know his Cheating, Daesung)

"Jagi, Im staying Late Today, I need to Practise a little More Is that okay?"


"Don’t wait up for me, I Love you."

" Araso, I love you too"

I knew He wasn’t going to practice he was going to see the other girl. I was heart broken when I saw them 1 month ago in an ice cream shop. But I love him so much, I cant bring myself to break up with him. What can I do? I knew the boys were going to finish rehearsing at 8, so I decide to go follow Dae after practice, i got there and they were coming out, dae was in his phone texting, it was probably her, i followed him all the way to the Han river were she was waiting for him as soon as he saw her he opened his arms and greeted her with a warming smile, they kissed each other and held hands walking along the river, i came up behind them “dae”

daesung turned around with a shocked expression


3. Dream High OST

(New Girl, Daesung)

Truthfully you were scared to death, you hated to be the new girl, but this was ure dream it was ure passion. Music.

You walked in what seemed to be the cafeteria everyone immediately was staring at you, you made ure way to a table and sat down, you pulled out ure earphones and put them on, someone suddenly pulled them off, you looked to ure side to find a smiling, Angel??



"Ure the New girl??, im Daesung Call me Oppa"

"De?" You were confused

He Winked at you “Welcome To Kirin”

He leaned in and gave you a kiss in the cheek giggled and Left

you had no idea what just happened, you just knew the Angel’s Name.

4. Lovey Dovey - T-ara

(Dance, Daesung)

You were a well known Dance group, and Today you were performing in the New Opening of a Club, as you made ure way to the dance floor you noticed a blonde man staring at you. since this dance required interaction with the public you made up a plan in ure head. the Song started and you and ure members started dancing, you seductively approached this man, and realized it was none other than Daesung From Big Bang, he saw you and gave you a sexy smirk, He grabbed you by the waist and Dipped you, he brought you up and Spinned you, you stopped centimeters away from his Lips, he smiled at you “Hello” he said in a whisper

You grabbed his hand and led him to the middle of the dance floor, He started dancing with you as if he Knew the choreography of the song, the song was about to end when he spinned you into his arms and said “call me Oppa”

5. Do you Like that - Kim Hyun Joong

(Back up Dancer, Daesung)

You had just been hired as the new back up dancer for Big bang and Boy were you shaking with Excitement.

the new song required partners, ure Partner Daesung. It had to be him? Ure Favorite out of all the Members?? This dance required a lot of touching hands, arms, legs. It was more or less difficult but you were catching on faster than the others. Daesung was having some difficulty. When the session ended you grabbed ure things and was about to leave when someone pulled ure hand to turn around. “can you give me a one on one” He smiled and Pulled you in closely.

6. Sherlock - SHINee

(Spy Next Door, Seungri)

It had been maybe a Month since you moved in into ure new apartment. Ure Next door Neighbor Seungri or {Victory} as he wanted you to call him, was very strange he was never home during the night and in the day he was always asleep or busy with girls. You were suspicious of him was he a vampire?? Wow that would be very sexy. you decide to go Next door and Invite him over for dinner to get to know him better. you went over and knocked no one was home, you tried opening the door, and Tada it was unlocked you walked in and it was so luxurious, leather everywhere. there was some black leather gloves in the floor along with some rope, and tape. was he a gang member??

someone suddenly grabbed you hard and pushed you to the wall

"looking for me??"

"Im sorry i didnt mean to come in it was unlocked"

" Are you Playing spy Like Me??" He said almost in a growl

that turned you on

"Tonight, ure going to be mine" he pressed his lips to ures, you didnt know how to react, so you just followed his orders

7. Wings - Daesung

(Angel, Daesung)

You had met 2 years ago and you had told him since the Beginning that he can rely on you with whatever he needed, that you would be his shoulder to cry on, if he ever fell that you would be his Wings. You were Best Friends since the first day you met, but as the days passed and you go to know who he truly was you fell for him. but you were scared of loosing such wonderful friendship. Today he said he had a surprise for you, he had given you front row tickets for the Big Bang concert, he had told you to make a Sing specially for him so you did you wrote “Smiling angel” and a heart. he came out and said “this song is for a person that ive known for more than 2yrs now, and I want to say Thankyou, and I Love you, Please dont ever Leave My side, you give me strength and you are My wings” he looked for you and found you, he smiled that Smile you loved and winked at you. ure heart had stopped was he confessing his Love towards you??

8. Valerie - GLEE

(Break-up, Daesung)

Daesung had Broken up with you about 2 weeks ago, you were heartbroken torn apart, but you weren’t going to show him this, you were going to prove to him that you were ok, you didnt need him. TOP kept texting you how sad and depressed Dae was, because he had broken up with you, he was insisting of you talking to dae and try to put things back together, but you refused you wanted him to be the one begging, why you if his the one that broke things off, Because he was the on that cheated. GD had invited you to this Monthly karaoke Night, you were really thinking of not going because you knew daesung would be there but you decided to go anyways, you Had the Perfect song for him Valerie by Amy Winehouse, That was going to kick him right in his Heart, and Really Regret what he had done to you. for revenge you invited one of ure closest guy friends that daesung didnt know off. you had walked in Hand in Hand with ure Guy friend, and Daesung Looked at you and gave you a mad glare, he stared at you as you made ure way to the couch, you laughed, smiled and giggled, and Dae couldn’t take his eyes of you, watching every move ure friend made on you, touching ure back, slightly touching ure leg, placing his arm around you. Finally after 2 hrs it was ure turn, you started singing, and walking towards dae “Why dont you come over, stop making a fool out of me,” You approached him leaned in and Spread his Legs, and sat in his lap, All eye were on Both of you, Dae grabbed the chance and put his arms around ure waist and you smiled, “why dont you come over Valeriee…” You leaned in and gave him a slight kiss in the Lips the song had finished and the music stopped no one made a sound, dae was paralyzed you started to get up from his lap, when he pulled you in and Kissed you patiently, you accepted his Kiss, he pulled back and whispered “Im sorry, I Love you” and Kissed you again.

9. Haru Haru - Big Bang

(I Sill Love you, Daesung)

His Bright Smile had Disappeared, he only faked it for his fans. and It was ure fault. you had broken up with him about 3 months ago, and that was to long. Ure parents had threaten you to send you abroad to study if you didnt break up with ure Boyfriend. you were in ure room taking a break from homework, you were watching a show were Big bang were their guest they were promoting their new Single “Haru Haru”

GD “Yes, actually Daesung Helped me a lot with the lyrics, he said he wanted this, he needed this song”

MC “Why is that Daesung?”

Dae “I wanted to express my feeling through a song, for a very Special Person that Left me without saying goodbye, without a reason to leave…” He had a sad Expression.

ure Heart broke even more. You got ure shoes and ure purse and ran out of ure house to the building were the show was being filmed, as soon as you got there Big Bang had already finished filming, you asked for Big Bang’s Dressing room saying you were the new Back up dancer you opened the door and everyone was hugging Daesung, he was crying he was in pain.

"Oppa!" you said trying to hold back ure tears

Everyone looked up at you including daesung, he walked towards you and held ure face.

Tears started falling from him and from you

"Oppa" You said weakly "Biane…" you Hugged him really tightly and he returned the hug. Not wanting to let go

"Im So Sorry I left you, Oppa, You have No idea how Sorry I am" you said in between sobs.

"You have No idea How Much Ive missed you, I Love you so Much, Please dont ever do this to me again" he said almost in a whisper.

"I love you too."

10. Bad Boy - Big bang

(Bad Boy, Daesung)

Since you had come to this high school 3 years ago, he was the bad boy of the school. leather jacket, smudged eyeliner, Always driving around in his Motor-cycle, always breaking the rules, never doing his work, always late. and you were the good girl, dressed nicely, had tons of friends top of the class. You never payed attention to him and neither did he to you but this year was different, he was i guess ure bully. He always picked on you. and Not in a mean making you cry way, but in a seductive sexy way, and strangely you liked that, you were starting to be attracted to this boy. one day after class you were walking home when you walked by a dark alley, someone pulled you in you were about to scream when you recognized it was Daesung.

He pinned you against the wall

"missed me today??" he hadn’t gone to school and sincerely you were worried about were he was.

he pulled back a strand of ure hair to the back of ure ear, he smiled sweetly

"Dae…" you trailed off getting lost in his eyes

"Oppa" He corrected you, You nodded.

He leaned in centimeters away from ure lips

"Daesung Oppa…" You Managed to choke out.

He gave you a slight kiss in the lips and pulled back

"Im Sorry Im a Bad Boy" he whispered. you put ure hands behind his neck and he placed his in ure waist, and pulled ure bodies closer to each other

"Im Sorry Im a Good Girl" you whispered back.

He pressed his lips with ures and kissed you roughly and passionately. You Welcomed his Kiss, as you did the same.

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Wow!!~~~GD Anger Sex o_oDae Continuing MhmSeungri is Happy as Long as he gets some u_u

Idea by 4-d

Only reblogging because Daesung’s Answer was the best!!

idea by; ANON.
Omg, Seungri; I swearrr You are a just a bundle of joy :D  

Why is Dae Always Playing Games?? I Love this Boy so Much!!! I think He would be my one, I would Love To always be playing games with eachother (:

*shakes head* you boysss
TYPO @ GD: grown man,Sorry guys. :P

hahahahaha Dae and Seungri are the Best!
Awwww, Dae <3333I think that would be the Perfect kiss After Laughing and Playing in the Rain

idea by tfhx

Awwww they were all so Sweet.dae with his Doraemon ^_^

idea by: raedaa

I Loved TOP

My first scenario upload :) Hope you guys like. I’m still working on my photoshop skills; more to come this weekend!

Awww GD,Tae.Dae How Cute all mad and ends up playing with the puppy and Seungri all Jealous hahaha
Foshobigbang: + When you fangirl over Se7en.


G Dragon:

“AH!!!” you screamed backstage looking up at the TV screen.
Jiyong was busy getting his hair done and didn’t hear you at all.
Stylists surrounding him, leaving you out so you stood in the corner and watched the idols that were already performing.

“Ah! He’s so amazing!” You look up…

Daesung would Join in, His So Adorable I Love that Boy
and Seungri, I almost cried of Laughter !!

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really guys? that’s how you train a puppy! LOL.

hahahahahahahaha TOP, Dae and Seungri I Laughed so Hard!!
hahahahaha Dae found his New Toy :D

idea by tokki-g

Wow Dae, I Didn’t know he was that Straight ForwardPoor Seungri :/