Look what I found on my Fridge!
I feel Melancholic!
Forgot to post This Photo this was Nov/7/12 My Official First day of Wearing my BB Shirt, and as you can see, I was Really Happy to be wearing that shirt, and Yes I Rocked it With My Awesomeness, Because I’m Proud to Be a VIP and Be Part of such a Great Fandom with all you VIPs Out there! C:
I Dislike ToDae So Much! I don’t like the pairing, I Don’t Understand Why, and to Top it off I get Jealous, BUT I Loveee Daesung and Seungri Together! I Just Love those 2 together. Even Dae and Taeyang, Dae and Jiyong. All Ok, I just Dislike ToDae. It still seems Weird to me, I’m Just weird o_o
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So For the Big Bang Concert. Were Em I supposed to get the Light stick?? Do they sell them outside the concert, or is there a Website :O Help Anyone???
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