Anon Said:
Don’t worry too much about it ^^ Some people are just a bit too touchy when it comes to their ships. Fans need to be more accepting that not everyone shares their enthusiasm with a particular pairing.

I said:
Right! That is My same Opinion! Like For ToDae I Don’t Like it And I will say I don’t Like it but I will Accept it, Its not Like you can Force someone to Like Ure paring or ure bias or stuff

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Anon, You were Nice About It. Thankyou C:

Anon Said :
I don’t mean to take sides but your use of the word “hate” and stating that you get mad when you see the pairing was probably seen as an attack against the pairing, which is probably why the other anon was so upset. Not hating on you, just pointing out why the anon reacted the way they did.

I Say :
I Did, and that was My Mistake :/ I Never Use that word its so Ugly, I was in a rush to write, Instead of writing dislike I wrote Hate cuz its Shorter, but the other Anon still shouldn’t have been that mean u_u At least you said It Nicely, its not Hard Being Nice. C:

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Anonymous Sent Me a Mssg, And I wanted to Be Able for Anonymous To read My Response, Enjoy!!!~~~ C:

Anonymous Said :
Nobody gives a damn if you hate todae. it’s your problem. daesung and top are close friends, todae will always be there. deal with it and don’t fucking spam the todae tag with this bullshit.

I say:
This Right Here. Upsets Me, that VIPs Go Against Each other. Its Sad. I Was Venting My Feelings I Wasn’t Expecting anyone to Give a Damn. Of Course Its My Problem, Just Cuz I don’t Like the Paring Doesn’t Mean I Love Dae or TOP Any Less, I love Those Boys SOO Much, I know ToDae Will always be there, I’m Always Dealing with it, And I NEVER Spammed the ToDae Tag, last Time I Checked One Post Didn’t Count as Spam, Its Not Bullshit, Bullshit is How you Treat other VIPs, if there is so much hate in this Fandom it will quickly go Down. So RUDE and Mean u_u And Really Its Not Very Lady Like to Cuss, TOP would be Disappointed in You -_-
You Have to learn to Deal with Other VIP Problems, and Be Nice About. Sorry If you had a Bad Day, Do you Want a Hug? Do you Need a Hug?? I’m Happy to Offer you a Hug (>u_u)>

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donghyuksnoona daesungimnida