Anyone that has Gone to the BigBang ALIVE Tour. I Need ure Help. So for Example In the concert I want to buy the Tickets for Front row I guess? So I went to “Buy Tickets” in the Indonesian Date Just to get an idea how much the tickets would cost and the seating. I Obviously Didn’t buy the tickets because Im Going to the LA Concert. So they had the Ticket Price depending were you wanted to sit. They Have the VIP A,B,C (Sitting Down) that is the Most Expensive then Standing A A1,A2 then Standing B B1,B2 both on the Floor. So My Question is How Do I know were Im Going to Be Placed? Like How do I Know For sure im Going to be in the front? In the VIP is it on the sides? can you not stand up? do you have to be sitting down?? I mean I Want to be Up Front there and if one of the boys Spit Lands on my face ill be happy… Like witch Seat Is Closest to the Stage?? Can Anyone Help??
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So For the Big Bang Concert. Were Em I supposed to get the Light stick?? Do they sell them outside the concert, or is there a Website :O Help Anyone???
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I Know Korean Guys are this way, I understand that But I Don’t Like Daesung and TOP Holding Hands I know I know “ToDae” I Don’t Really Care about ToDae. I Just, STP HOLDING HANDS! >:(
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TP: Not a single call. No Texts. Not even an email. Seunghyun hadn’t spoken to you in more than two weeks. You were used to him being unreachable because of work, but this was unnatural. And you couldn’t reach him through the members either. Their phones…

The last Sentence Oh God!! hahahaha

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thank you akira-f for making a comparison! anyway the person who posted this, @Pinocchae said that it was her friend who sent here the picture. 
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