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Get Your Crayon, Swag Check,
I’m a G to the D Gold and Diamonds Boy,
Why So Serious?!
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Look what I found on my Fridge!
I feel Melancholic!
Forgot to post This Photo this was Nov/7/12 My Official First day of Wearing my BB Shirt, and as you can see, I was Really Happy to be wearing that shirt, and Yes I Rocked it With My Awesomeness, Because I’m Proud to Be a VIP and Be Part of such a Great Fandom with all you VIPs Out there! C:

How Deep is my Obsession with Big Bang?
Or K-pop In that matter, I hear a certain word and I Automatically Think K-pop or Big Bang, I’m watching Glee, and the coach tells Fin his One of a Kind and in my head I giggle and think of Jiyong … Em I That Obsessed? (/_\)
For God’s Sake I was Watching, Glee, GLEE!!! NOTHING TO Do with Anything Korean u_u

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Justin Bieber Asking GD to have his babies,
What did GD Say, Straight out “No.” <— He added a Freaking PERIOD!
I’m Officially Naming GD as my Ruler!

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What Would be a good Big Bang Ringtone? Besides Wow Fantastic Baby, and Boom Shakalaka?
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Anyone going to he LA BB Concert who bought a VIP Ticket, do you guys know how or when were supposed to get the Extra package? the one that comes with the shirt and the Pass to the sound check and stuff? and also if anyone knows when the sound check is, My Date of the concer is Nov.3 If anyone could help me please??
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VIPs ! What is this BigBang isn’t Winning! We Need to Step up our game!

We all Need to Support Big bang! Go Vote for the MAMA Awards 2012!
Super Junior, TVXQ and Shinwa are in the Lead!
Vote for our Leader GD and Vote Big Bang in all Categories Nominated!
VIPs We Can Do it!
You can Vote once a Day!

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Anon, You were Nice About It. Thankyou C:

Anon Said :
I don’t mean to take sides but your use of the word “hate” and stating that you get mad when you see the pairing was probably seen as an attack against the pairing, which is probably why the other anon was so upset. Not hating on you, just pointing out why the anon reacted the way they did.

I Say :
I Did, and that was My Mistake :/ I Never Use that word its so Ugly, I was in a rush to write, Instead of writing dislike I wrote Hate cuz its Shorter, but the other Anon still shouldn’t have been that mean u_u At least you said It Nicely, its not Hard Being Nice. C:

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Anonymous Sent Me a Mssg, And I wanted to Be Able for Anonymous To read My Response, Enjoy!!!~~~ C:

Anonymous Said :
Nobody gives a damn if you hate todae. it’s your problem. daesung and top are close friends, todae will always be there. deal with it and don’t fucking spam the todae tag with this bullshit.

I say:
This Right Here. Upsets Me, that VIPs Go Against Each other. Its Sad. I Was Venting My Feelings I Wasn’t Expecting anyone to Give a Damn. Of Course Its My Problem, Just Cuz I don’t Like the Paring Doesn’t Mean I Love Dae or TOP Any Less, I love Those Boys SOO Much, I know ToDae Will always be there, I’m Always Dealing with it, And I NEVER Spammed the ToDae Tag, last Time I Checked One Post Didn’t Count as Spam, Its Not Bullshit, Bullshit is How you Treat other VIPs, if there is so much hate in this Fandom it will quickly go Down. So RUDE and Mean u_u And Really Its Not Very Lady Like to Cuss, TOP would be Disappointed in You -_-
You Have to learn to Deal with Other VIP Problems, and Be Nice About. Sorry If you had a Bad Day, Do you Want a Hug? Do you Need a Hug?? I’m Happy to Offer you a Hug (>u_u)>

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Every Fanfict or Scenario its Just Jiyong, Jiyong, Jiyong, Jiyong, GD, Jiyong, Jiyong, GD, Jiyong, Jiyong, Jiyong, Jiyong, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Jiyong, Jiyong, Jiyong, GD, Jiyong, Jiyong …

Why Can’t they Be about Daesung?? I Know they are some scenarios about him But ive literally read them All… There is Not Enough of Dae Scenarios, Or is it that i can’t get enough of Him? No, well Yes, BUT Seriously Every scenario that comes out is about Jiyong u_u Sorry, I Just had to get this off my Chest. I Mean I Just Want more Daesung Scenarios is that so Bad??

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Anyone that has Gone to the BigBang ALIVE Tour. I Need ure Help. So for Example In the concert I want to buy the Tickets for Front row I guess? So I went to “Buy Tickets” in the Indonesian Date Just to get an idea how much the tickets would cost and the seating. I Obviously Didn’t buy the tickets because Im Going to the LA Concert. So they had the Ticket Price depending were you wanted to sit. They Have the VIP A,B,C (Sitting Down) that is the Most Expensive then Standing A A1,A2 then Standing B B1,B2 both on the Floor. So My Question is How Do I know were Im Going to Be Placed? Like How do I Know For sure im Going to be in the front? In the VIP is it on the sides? can you not stand up? do you have to be sitting down?? I mean I Want to be Up Front there and if one of the boys Spit Lands on my face ill be happy… Like witch Seat Is Closest to the Stage?? Can Anyone Help??
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So For the Big Bang Concert. Were Em I supposed to get the Light stick?? Do they sell them outside the concert, or is there a Website :O Help Anyone???
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MONSTER was written by G-Dragon and Daesung.
That’s why it’s very sad. :(

aw ;-; but, well, that makes some sense

it’s like how i said in the other post. monster wasn’t a ‘diss the haters’ song like someone suggested. it’s vulnerable and pleading. ‘we’re not monsters.’ dae admitted (fuck i hate bringing this up it) that it got to the point where he thought about committing suicide. people were calling him a murderer (infinitely more hurtful and hateful than ‘monster’ but the idea is there). wanting him to disappear. and gd’s heard that too in the past, and heard it again. ‘just die. just kill yourself.’ ‘plagiarist.’ ‘sexual deviant.’ ‘drug addict.’ through this song they’re expressing their distress. in the song, there’s that ONE person (which can be interpreted as the fans as a whole, or maybe they really do have a special person in mind) they wish would believe in them, stay by their side. everyone else can throw hateful names at them, see them as monsters, turn away from them, but they can still remain intact. but if that one person abandons them too, they’ll break.


No, No, No Dae I will Never Abandon you Sweetie!! And Same with Jiyong! Ill Support you!
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