My Tattoo, Was inspired by two things. The Wings Inspired by Daesung who is a Smiling Angel, whom I Love with all my Heart and One of my Favorite Songs Of his, “Wings”.The Crown Because I will Forever be a VIP. Big Bang Always!

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Go Go Go, Pleaseeeee ((:

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Daesung + Driving always Equal Major Sexiness! I hope For his new MV this happens!
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At the end I still have the most important thing, Daesung; My Smiling Angel is everything that I need and want…

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Why em I always attracted to the artistic Type?
whether its Playing Music, Singing, Drawing or Dancing. WHY!!?
Ughhhh I’m Tired of all this! I Didn’t ask for this, Why Now!!
This has to Stop, I was okay, I was Fine. Everyone needs to go away and leave me alone, I just need my Angel’s voice to console me.

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ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
I remember Daesung and his Angel Wings, Flying over me… Ima go cry now..
My Angel, My Smiling Angel! His Voice, His Smile, His Face, Made me Complete <3333
Seeing that Boy was the greatest Dream come true, Oh Gosh! I still can’t believe it, it feels like a dream and a Lie… those what 5 minutes? where the shortest 5Min in the world in my life, He could have frozen for all I care and I would have been happy just starring at him there, ah when he came to our side and roared like a Lion (WILL NEVER EVER IN THE WORLD FORGET THAT, IT REPLAYS IN MY MIND CONSTANTLY) I wonder what his face feels like it, I bet its smooth. I wonder what his Lips taste like, I bet they are Sweet…

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you know that one celebrity who just makes you so inexplicably happy and has changed your life so much aND YOU JUST WANT TO SAY “THANK YOU FOR YOUR EXISTENCE” BUT INSTEAD YOU JUST REBLOG ANOTHER FIVE PHOTOSETS OF THEIR FACE

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I don’t know if there were any of you noticed a curvy brunette girl in VIP section area during Alive Tour NJ concert because that was me. I’ve been Daesung-biased for as long as I can remember. I was spazzing that I got the chance to be there and I got so sexually depraved because of him where it got to a point that I unbuttoned my shirt and flashed him my bra. He was in fact standing right in front of me! I got his attention alright but not in a way I hoped for. His eyes bulged when he saw me but he immediately shook his head while mouthing ‘No No’ to me. I was embarrassed beyond words!……………but that incident had made me FALL MORE DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH HIM! Now I’m looking forward to a one-on-one time with you, Kang Daesung!
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oh God!! she is so lucky at least to see him… he is so respectful and purely angel ahh dae i am falling you more now too even though i already knew you have this kind of personality… i need to marry him..



I can always have two Husbands right? What em I even saying? Ill just choose Daesung C:
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I Wouldn’t mind Partying and getting Drunk with Daesung …

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I Am Totally and utterly In Love with Daesung <333

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And this was Black Friday&#8230; I was ready to head to work (:

I Hadn’t heard Daesung Trolling Seungri saying “Me Gusta mucho” Until a fan pointed it out, Ah Their Spanish is Flawless Just like them C:

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