Daesung + Driving always Equal Major Sexiness! I hope For his new MV this happens!
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Ahhh It gets me so happy and Excited to see my boys together ((:

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Awwww My Babies Suffering the bad weather just to give us a concert! <333

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I wasn&#8217;t kidding when I said I was going to jump up and down with my light stick&#8230;

This is the reason why I didn’t want to listen to much to Big Bang. After seeing them in concert it took me weeks to recover and go back to normal, I had withdrawal? Is that what it is? and right now I’m about to go take out my Little Crown Light stick and start jumping up and down my room singing on top of my lungs to BB… Those weeks where so tough, I had no idea what to do with my life anymore, I felt like I had nothing to look forward to anymore… Big Bang Why you do this to me!? D:

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I wanna see Big Bang in Concert Again, PLEASE! C: <333

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  • Haru Haru
  • ~~
  • Day By Day
  • ~~
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Id be Fine if someone broke up with me with the Song Ain’t No Fun 

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  • I'm a Horrible VIP! u_u I haven't listened to BB in like a month Don't hate me! : :((((
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I Hadn’t heard Daesung Trolling Seungri saying “Me Gusta mucho” Until a fan pointed it out, Ah Their Spanish is Flawless Just like them C:

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Anyone …?

Does anyone have foursquare? I need friends there…

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Get Your Crayon, Swag Check,
I’m a G to the D Gold and Diamonds Boy,
Why So Serious?!
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what if your icon is your christmas present?


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Dae has such Kissable Lips :x

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Forgot to post This Photo this was Nov/7/12&#160;My Official First day of Wearing my BB Shirt, and as you can see, I was Really Happy to be wearing that shirt, and Yes I Rocked it With My Awesomeness, Because I&#8217;m Proud to Be a VIP and Be Part of such a Great Fandom with all you VIPs Out there! C: