[140408] Dara (@krungy21): “It was very nice meeting you :) with #StevenYeun”  
 Steven’s reply: Nice to meet you!
Steven Yeun is a Korean American actor. He is best known for portraying Glenn Rhee in the AMC series The Walking Dead.
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There’s been an influx of new kpop fans in the last couple of years, brought in by the debut of bands like EXO/BAP/VIXX/BTS/etc, and that’s great, it means the party’s gotten bigger. But it’s come to my attention that a lot of the newer fans haven’t really dipped their toes into anything that happened earlier than 2012 or so, as exemplified by EXO performing Mirotic at an awards show and many of their fans having never even heard of this song before. And that’s a shame, because there’s a lot of good music out there. So I’ve compiled a list of, well, kpop hits you might have missed from the years 2008 to 2010, when kpop as we know it started really taking off. These are all in order-ish of the year they came out:
★Ela’s Top 10 For Those On The Go★ 01. mirotic: dbsk / 02. haru haru: big bang / 03. amigo: shinee / 04. genie: snsd / 05. it’s you: super junior / 06. abracadabra: brown eyed girls / 07. i don’t care: 2ne1 / 08. binguel binguel: u-kiss / 09. bbi ri bop a: narsha / 10. lupin: kara
☆20 Honorable Mentions To Jam To☆ 01. cinderella: seo in young / 02. wrong number: dbsk / 03. nobody: wonder girls / 04. oh my friend: big bang / 05. u go girl: lee hyori / 06. ur man: ss501 / 07. touch me: ivy / 08. sorry sorry: super junior / 09. sign: brown eyed girls / 10. heartbreaker: g-dragon / 11. hot issue: 4minute / 12. ring ding dong: shinee / 13. mister: kara / 14. my ear’s candy: baek ji young / 15. heartbeat: 2pm / 16. nu abo: f(x) / 17. follow me: 2ne1 / 18. shock: beast / 19. change: hyuna / 20. run devil run: snsd
(I tried my best but most of these MVs are not in HD because back in the day we were lucky if a video was in 480p. The struggle was real.)
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this changes everything oh my god

do you understand why it trips me out that people can drive 45 minutes and be in aNOTHER COUNTRY?I drive for 45 minutes and im like
a city over 

I live in “Italy” and took a day trip to go to “Austria” and “Germany”

 #it is literally impossible to leave texas #you will be in texas #FOREVER

Chums, that’s sweet, and all, but Australia just ate Texas for breakfast. 

If you drive for 45 minutes in Australia you aren’t a city over, you’re just 45 minutes away from the city.

If you drive for 45 minutes in Australia you may not even leave the cattle station.

If you drive for 45 minutes in Canada you may not even leave your driveway.

If I drive 45 minutes in the us I’m just at another mcdonalds

If I drive for 45 minutes in Northern Ireland I’m 10 minutes into the sea.

I can’t drive. 

I will use this post to explain tumblr
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Dear BIGBANG’s Future wives..
First of all, I hope you know how damn lucky you are to be in that position, it is not only because I envy you for being able to have the person that means so much to me, much more than I even value myself, you are really lucky because you get a chance to spend the rest of your life with an amazing man who would take care of you and love you with everything that they are. Lastly, I just want to ask you to always make them feel loved, Love them with all the love that a person could ever give. Please tell them that you love them so much, beacuse that is only something I could dream off, and you have the chance and the actual real them to touch, to hug, to kiss and to love.
To Jiyong’s wife- Did I tell you, you were lucky? Well now thays an understatement. Having G-Dragon as your husband is and honor and something you could be proud off, but spending the rest of your life with Kwon Jiyong is like reaching heaven itself. By now you may know that he is a possessive bastard with a chance of being childish and unreasonable at times, but do understand that, he only acts childish with his parents, BIGBANG or the girl that rules his whole being - you. He will love you with every inch and fiber in him but that doesnt mean he’s perfect. Please do watch over his bad habits especially his smoking, if you could, please let him stop. And please define to him the meaning of the word ‘rest’ and that there’s this thing called ‘bed’ and ‘sleep’ because as much as the world loves the music genius that is G-Dragon, we wouldnt want him to be worn out at all. We all want to see the Jiyongie who acts dorky and childish and all. He’s a very precious creature so please do love him and take care of him like a mother loves her child.
To Youngbae’s wife- He doesnt have alot of experiences with relationships so you might be the one now to control the course of your relarionahip with him. He’s quiet but alot js going on in his mind, let him speak it up to you, all of it. He may be really calm and collected at times but like any other BIGBANG member, he has those lapses where he just acts like a monkey out of his cage after 10 years of being locked up. He is extremely shy so you have to lead him for him to voice out his feelings or ideas or opinions. But he is very mature and he ponders on other’s problem like it is his. Please always make him feel loved and assure him that he is the best and the number one-no, the only one in your life. He is a very gentle person so please take care of him well.
To Tabi’s wife- He is the most complicated out of the 5 of them. He acts like a kid but he could also think like your great grandfather. He tends to overthink things ALOT so NEVER let him do that and distract him. He may look so damn perfect with all his godly looks but he has alot of insecurities….ALOT. So always assure him how much you love him, that you will never ever leave him and that you will always understand him no matter what. You have to respect the things he loves to do, especially music (and be@bricks and furnitutes and oh! Daesung too!) He could be very childish and you might not understand his humor- or just him as a whole but thats what makes him adorable. Please also control his smoking and if you could make him stop then please tell him to stop.
 To Daesung’s wife - He is a fragile glass.. He has been through all shits in life and that is why I hope yoi dont give him another reason to think that his life is miserable. His smile is everything to me, so please never make it fade away and make it much much brighter. He may act nonchalant sometimes, but he cares, he does, he just doesnt know how to express his it- and that is exactly why he does not share any of his problems to others, he keeps it inside him because he doesnt want to burden others with his ‘stupid’ problems. When you sense that something is wrong with him, force him and annoy him to death until he finally tells you. Please always appreciate everything he does, even if its just simple things. Tell him he’s beautiful, that he is amazing for getting through each and every storm and coming back with the same bright smile, though tainted with bitter memories. Tell him that his voice is the most amazing sound there ever is and thatbhe should never stop singing. Because to me, and to many others in the world, his voice is that tinge of hope in a very hopeless dark path. Please always make him feel how much you love him, comfort him and support him. Never let him hide what he feels. Always make him feel loved. Always.
 To Seungri’s wife- He may act like an idiot most of the time, but he is also human. He might act egoistic and full of himself but he’s actually sensitive and insecure, so you have to make him feel important and appreciated. Always tell him that he plays a vital role in BIGBANG and that he’s not a heavy load. Tell him that he is amazing for loving his hyungs even if he gets bullied alot. Tell him that he’s amazing for being strong. That so many people love him. Tell him that he is very talented and that he should never degrade himself. Tell him that he is amazing for striving hard and taking risks. Tell him that you love him despite his flaws- tell him that you love everything about him, even his downfalls. You may get headache with him and his habits but try to understand him, at the same time discipline him. Always make him feel important, loved and cared for. Look him and the eye and tell him you love him every chance you get.
Please take care of these five boys, beacuse they mean the world to me. Their music is a work of art, their stages are my source of strength, their different persoanlities are a puzzle I always love to decode. Everything that they are is precious to me. They are my idol, my love, my heart, my insipiration. My mind only thinks BIGBANG, my mouth speaks BIGBANG and my heart beats BIGBANG. They are my very first thought as I open my eye and the last when the night falls. I am writing this because I know someday I have to let them go for the person that they would give their heart to so please, please take care of their precious and fragile hearts, it has been tested for so many times and you might just crush it this time, so please take care of it. I’m just a mere fan and they dont even know I exist but I want you to know that they are the most important thing to me just as you are to them. I mean every single word that I have wrote here. I want you to know that I am their VIP, their pain are my pain and their happiness is mine too, so if you make them happy then I’m good. Just please love them with all the love that you could ever give. And always tell them that you will be with them forever, because their real VIPs are just right behind them evwn after 20 or 50 or a hundred years, they always be with us and we will always be with them, until whenever. -aye147isbbvip
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A true fan doesn’t have to be there from the beginning, but they do have to stay until the end."
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-10 years later-


Me: *listening to kpop*

Child: Hey mom! Who’s the one singing?

Me: This was my favorite kpop group back then.

Husband: Shhhh! It’s my part, be quite!

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